What is a Soulmate?

Great article, all lines up with our personal experiences. Both Carl Jung and J.R.R Tolkien had a connection to their Twin Flames in the dimension above them, as was mentioned as a possibility in this article; if one is careful, it can be seen in their writings and musings.

Additionally, Twin Souls also exist, as an aspect of the “Soul Family” category, where they are a twin blueprint; Aline and I are Twin Flames, but Christoph was our Twin Soul.

Deus Nexus

Reposted from:Clayhut Healing Blog| By Kim Hutchinson

twin-flamePop culture would have us believe that a soulmate is the perfect romantic partner. While it’s true that soulmates can make the best partners, the pairing isn’t necessarily intimate, romantic or sexual in nature. Soulmates can play any role in your life including family members, colleagues, schoolmates, neighbours, strangers and yes, lovers. A soulmate is a person whose soul has a strong connection to your soul. Soulmate connections can be described in one of three ways: soul families, soul groups and twin flames.

These groups are like branches a very large tree. The tree is Source/Spirit, and we are all part of it. That means your soulmates are actually you at a higher vibration. While in human form, we resonate more strongly with souls who are on the same branch due to our similarities and shared backgrounds. In truth, we are…

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