The Prostate and Male Multiple Orgasm

Men, did you know that the more comfortable you get with your prostate (male g-spot, aka the p-spot), you can experience multiple orgasms during penetration with a partner (or masturbation)?  These combined erogenous zone orgasms are at least three times the intensity, and last much longer than the average five second isolated penile tension orgasm.  If, as a man, you were able to experience multiple orgasms, would you need to make sure that you lasted more than a few minutes for your woman during sex?

Instead of learning to last longer and putting off your own pleasure, we stress learning to incorporate more than one erogenous zone at a time, to increase male multiple orgasmic potential. This leads to a much more balanced orgasmic potential while lovemaking, rather than one partner working exclusively for the other’s satisfaction; ironically, this mutually beneficial lovemaking is what makes sexuality ACTUALLY satisfying for both partners.  One of the biggest reasons why men seek extra partners and require frequent sex is that they are externalizing their lack of sexual satisfaction, and believe that pleasing more women, or being pleased by more women, is the answer.  However, awakening of the male prostate is a major factor in bringing sexual satisfaction to your lovemaking experiences; not by adding more linear sexual experiences or partners — it is about adding dimensions to your lovemaking.

Prostate ExamTo awaken your prostate, you will need to get over any fear or discomfort you may have of exploring it; it is located just underneath your bladder, reached via your anus.  A partner massaging and milking your prostate regularly can help you bring awareness to your prostate, however, learning to use a prostate massaging tool, such as an Aneros or a prostate vibrator, will allow for more in-depth research.  Using an Aneros during conventional sexual intercourse with your partner will only heighten the experience, and eventually, you’ll be able to experience powerful multiple orgasms that ripple throughout your body, without any softness or downtime in between them.  Once awakened fully, the prostate will not even need manual stimulation, or an Aneros present, to be sensitive during conventional sexual positions.

Read the rest here: The Prostate and Male Multiple Orgasm | Divine Pollination Hive.

3 thoughts on “The Prostate and Male Multiple Orgasm

  1. Reblogged this on Dr. Nymphobrainiac and commented:
    I am consistently fascinated by this subject, male multiple-orgasm through prostate massage, although it seems taboo to the majority of straight men…i wonder if any of you would be willing to chime in on this…for the purposes of research…and female curiosity?! xxx, dr. NB.

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