Artifacts of the Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is the pattern of all life, a 2d representation of deep spiritual truths that transcend dimensions. Within it are contained the secrets to awareness, free energy, awakening, procreation, and creativity.

Flower of Life mystery


In this essay I will present continuity of historical artifacts of the geometrical symbol that is known as the “Flower of Life” in modern day. Origins of the symbol dates at least to the beginning of the 2nd millenium BC in Mesopotamia. Intermediate knowledge of the ancient Near East and western history of mathematics is required from the reader as well as elementary knowledge of art, geometry and religions. Reader is also expected to know basics of the Flower of Life geometry. I hope document will provide key sources for investigators willing to do further research with the topic.

Reflections after the research trip

I made a six week research trip to Greece, Turkey, France and Sweden in summer 2014. Since that I’ve been systematically collecting pictures of artifacts that have the Flower of Life symbol (later called by the abbreviation FOL) printed, carved or some way presented on…

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