The Conflicting Message of “Let It Go”

>>But isn’t living in the moment a good thing? Isn’t focusing on the positive a healthy attitude? It depends. Are you doing it consciously or unconsciously?

BlindfoldUnconscious detachment is just another form of avoidance – the avoidance of any thought or emotion that might be considered painful or upsetting. It is an avoidance of facing what has been termed “the shadow side.” We all harbor negative thoughts and feelings. How we deal with them is the key to the issue.

Unfortunately, popular psychology and New Age philosophy too often tell us to avoid these negative thoughts and emotions, to focus only on the positive and push anything negative out of our mind, to bury and suppress it, as if sweeping it under the rug makes it magically disappear – “out of sight, out of mind.”<<
~David Nova

Deus Nexus

ByDeus Nexus|David Nova

Let_It_Go“Let It Go,” is not just the most popular Disney song every produced, it’s also a very simple spiritual message that is often misguided advice.

It has almost become a New Age mantra: Let It Go. Release your cares, your guilt, your anxieties, your fears, your burdens, your pain, your past, and any control you think you have over your own future, “Let go, and let God,” just Let It Go.

But is this wise advice?  Does this seemingly Zen-like phrase really make us happier, healthier, and more spiritually evolved?

Or does this New Age bumper-sticker-commercial-jingle simply allow us to slip into a blissfully ignorant slumber, and in the process, escape all responsibility for ourselves, our lives, and our world.

I would like to refer to them as “Willful Children” – not because they are too obstinate to wake up, but because they have chosen to remain…

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