How Self-Knowledge is Crucial for Changing the World

This goes along with many of the things that we teach in the Hive…

“Fighting the system, bankers, and governments will not raise awareness, raising Self-awareness will cause the system, bankers, and governments to behave in a way that reflects your new energetic signature. To experience something new, change who you are, not how you or others act.” ~Aline & Nathan

“If you desire lasting change, instead of learning new skills and forcing them upon your being, try shifting your internal being and then allowing your actions reflect your new energetic signature.” Aline & Nathan

“True change comes from within your being and is reflected by your external actions, while false change is gained through your external actions and is forced upon your being.” ~Aline & Nathan

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The world is in a dire state in many ways, and yet most people carry on the same regardless. There’s a lot of information about meaningful issues available through the internet, and what’s really happening behind the scenes can be discovered by anyone digging in a little. This information could be a catalyst for real change; unfortunately there are so few people who are actually interested in digging deeper to find out what’s really going on, let alone actually doing something about it. This is not just a social or political problem, but one that goes deeper, into the nature of what it is to be human.

Looking at a few figures about how some people live paints an awful picture—over 850 million people in the world are without enough food to meet their basic nutritional needs; more than five million people suffer from…

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