Commentary on the War Within the Alternative Media

Well said…
>>Salvation will only come from within, when we as a people choose to transform our consciousness, when we let go of our fears, when we learn from and forgive past mistakes, when we activate our inner light and embrace the world from the heart of our higher selves. Only then will we ascend to a higher state of consciousness and transform our world. When we tire from the endless drama of the duality game, we will discover the everlasting peace of the middle way. ~David Nova<<

Deus Nexus

deusnexus_100Why do so many voices in the alternative media set up their shops on the extreme edges of the duality spectrum?  It’s Fear Pornvs.Hopium Addicts.

The Fear Mongers tend to avoid all the positive spiritual aspects of life on Earth while the Hope Peddlers tend to ignore some dark realities and general common sense.

half-earthForget about half-empty or half-full – on these sites the glass is either about to be utterly destroyed or about to overflow with miracles, next week!  The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

Does the Alternative Media suffer from some sort of bi-polar disorder?  Where is the balance?  The equilibrium? The level-headed perception of reality?

Even though 3D life is a mixed bag of the positive and the negative, our human psychology often swings erratically to cynical pessimism or blind hope, which reveals an unbalanced mind not grounded in the peace of the present moment, but obsessively living in some illusory future that is either feared or desired.

No wonder more…

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