The worship of vaccination in the Holy Temple

Religious adherents are so similar, claiming that people should trust the priest with their soul, or the doctor with their bodies. Just like in religions, the medical religion and their priests, the doctors, use a smattering of truth and mix it with their superstitious beliefs, and then trick us into feeling dependent on them for our well being. However, we don’t need a priest or a doctor, nor their silly vaccines (prayers) to keep the devil (disease) away, we just need our intuition and inner knowing. The problem is, we’ve become dependent on them, and believe that they can keep us safe from evil, so we mindlessly obey and do as we’re told.

Both are corrupted by money and greed…money pays off the priests to say and do the things that must be said to deceive their followers. Just another religion, no difference what-so-ever. I’m not religious though, I don’t follow any priest, rabbi, imam, or doctor for my well being, because they don’t know me better than I know myself, I trust my intuition for that, but for all of those who don’t know themselves very well, I guess they can keep following the doctor’s (priest’s) advice if they choose.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

The worship of vaccination in the Holy Temple

by Jon Rappoport

February 23, 2015

In past articles, I’ve covered all major aspects of the fake science of vaccination… so-called herd immunity, “safe and effective,” etc. (see #Vaccinegate)

Here I want to look at the overall pattern that successful organized religions have been following for centuries—because vaccination occupies the same platform, deploying the same basic strategies.

This is no accident.

If it works in the religious realm, it can work in the secular venue, by stimulating the urges and fears of programmed humans.

First, there is ceremony of anointing— vaccination—which confers privileged status on the recipient. Privileged status, and most importantly, protection.

Protection against evil and danger.

The Holy Substance is the vaccine. It will ward off the enemy most widely promoted in the High Church of Medicine: the germ. Everything evil comes from the germ.

The germ is…

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