The Soul’s Evolving (Returning) Perception Of The Universe

This is a wonderful post from David Nova, it really nails it. Also, we would like to add that we have discovered that the first three or four levels leave scars and wounds that must be integrated and healed. As long as they remain unresolved, we can still have aspects from the lower levels creep up on us and surprise us, and even bite us on the butt. For example, until we heal the trauma of child birth, of leaving the womb and losing the infantile unity we had with our mother, we may seek to find ways to go back to the womb when we were free from responsibility, and safe from harm. For example, people who are stuck in dependence to the mother state are unconsciously repeating this trauma. Anyway, brilliant post and very perceptive, we wish we had found it earlier! ☺

Deus Nexus

experience-so-lucid “Experience So Lucid Discovery So Clear” by Cameron Gray

 By David Nova | Deus Nexus (originally posted Nov. 27, 2012)

The following hierarchical list should not be taken as some sort of Cosmic Truth. It is merely meant as a guide to awaken your soul to its greatest potential, encouraging you to challenge your perception of the Universe around you. While this list may be compatible with the Chakra system, or the density structure of planetary consciousness, it should not be viewed as some sort of imposed metaphysical structure. This is merely a tool for consciousness. Consciousness is constantly moving up and down this scale in our daily (third density) experiences. The goal is to maximize our time in the higher levels of consciousness, to move ourselves into these higher frequencies.

journey-begins “The Journey Begins” by Cameron Gray


The Infant Stage. The…

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