Understanding STO, STS, and Densities

Deus Nexus

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This article explains the system of “densities”, “Service-to-Self”, and “Service-to-Others” as discussed in the Ra Material and Cassiopaean Transcripts and shows how they relate to the occult concepts of the etheric and astral planes. Instead of summarizing what’s already been said, my aim here is more to provide new insights and resolve some common misunderstandings.

Why is the idea of “density” necessary?

Consider the following phenomena:

  • Elementary particles, such as electrons or protons, which display no sentience beyond fluctuating unpredictably at the quantum level.
  • Minerals, which exhibit a highly ordered structure, grow, reproduce, and can exhibit a subtle energy field.
  • Plants, which are alive, demonstrate a growth pattern toward light, and exhibit basic reflexive reactions to stimuli.
  • Bacteria, which are alive and show autonomous motion and rudimentary intelligence, moreso than plants, minerals, or elementary particles.
  • Animals, which in the case of dogs, cats…

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