Breakaway Civilization Implications, Pt1

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Deus Nexus

iron_sky_ufo Nazi UFOs in a secret moonbase in the 2012 film “Iron Sky”


ByDavid Nova |Deus Nexus

Recent revelations about multiple Secret Space Programs by David Wilcock’s insider source Corey/GoodETxSG (if true) have the potential to completely rewrite many of our long-held beliefs, assumptions, and paradigms. While these revelations shed new light on the unconventional reality of a Breakaway Civilization, they also raise many more questions, the implications of which are staggering.

Secret Space Programs More Complex Than Previously Revealed
Recruitment & Covert Service for Secret Space Programs

Is Corey/GoodETxSG’s story to be believed? There is no way to verify any of his information. I find some parts of his account are almost too far-fetched to imagine, yet I believe the essence of his story, no matter how unimaginable, is very likely true. I base this belief upon my own perceptions…

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