Avengers & Illuminati: Age of Monarch

Excellent and worth the read, especially for seekers of truth…

Deus Nexus


ByDavid Nova|Deus Nexus

Avengers: Age of Ultron gives us more of the same – Hollywood’s twisted love affair with Monarch mind-control programming, wrapped in religious fanaticism.

The word ‘fan’ comes from the word fanaticism. These days, we’re quite accustomed to the media image of comic book fans or fan-boys acting like over-zealous fanatics, as in the popular TV series The Big Bang Theory. Though humorous, it never ceases to mystify me when grown men act like preadolescents, overwhelmed by their excitement of having a comic book hero come to life on the big screen. It’s indicative of our cultural regression into the slumber of childish distractions.  (See my post: The State of Being Sheeple)  However, the fanaticism within this film’s message would be completely unacceptable to an awakened world.

In 21st Century America, comic book superheroes have stepped to the center of a new cultural religion, a new mythology that fanatics can obsess over. An Earth-destroying robot named Ultroncan quote Jesus from the…

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