Using Ayahuasca – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 5 – with JP Sears

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If you saw my post, “How to Be Ultra Spiritual with JP Sears“, which includes in it another article I also shared titled, “Do You Wear a Spiritual Disguise? ~ Losing the Mask and Finding Your Truth” then you’ll understand this one too and have yourself a good belly laugh, and/or maybe even some interesting reflection.

I’d like to also include JP Sears’ comment with the video, as it may ruffle some feathers and cause some triggers in some people.

Here’s his comment, followed by the very funny video:

“Hi Friends! In response to my recent “Using Ayahuasca” video I’ve had a lot of requests for further comments about “why are you so against using Ayahuasca?” I appreciate some of you valuing my opinion enough that you want to hear more of my perspective, I’m honored by that (admittedly, that also makes me co-dependent 🙂 Here’s some…

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