“What can we do?” … just imagine …

hack deeper

The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization conference last year in San Mateo has a lot of great talks posted on Youtube. Jon Rappoport’s, however, is exceptional.

Jon really humanized the event. A self-described investigative reporter, he did not hold back in this talk, and unlike almost any other talk you’ll see this year, he gets up and speaks from the heart without notes or slides. It’s impressive and inspiring (and can be watched comfortably at 1.25x speed if you’re pressed for time).

Rappoport answers the question common among those who have woken up but are still in bed: “What can we do?.” His answer (like mine) is that we must each tap into our own intuition and creative spirit and imagine better realities into existence, rather than continuing to live in (and suffer under) the reality that others have imagined for us.


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