Describing Archons and Attached Entities

Deus Nexus

archon_bodach A Bodach from the movie “Odd Thomas” closely resembles the description of an Archon.

The Attached

From: The Ruiner

There are entities attached to this planet that seem so difficult to explain that we have developed a great deal of different names and characteristics to be attributed to them.

The most popular name is Archons.

Some say they are alien or ET.  All planets have these beings whether they hold other life or not.  The only reason your writer feels it fair to call them alien is they are not natural but rather attachments, that have come from somewhere else.  There is much speculation over where this,  somewhere else,  actually is but your writer does not feel this is important.  What matters is they were here long before us.

As conscious beings they are very much like us in terms of having personality, although perhaps billions of years has made…

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