Spiritual Wisdom: Balancing Truth, Compassion, and Free Will

Excellent article by David Nova on the need to balance Truth, Compassion, and Free Will, to allow the Three to act as the One.

In regards to compassion, I would like to add the distinction that we have found that people commonly translate their compassion into action via sympathy, but it should be translated into action through empathy. Sympathy is resonating at the harmonic of the wounds within others, via our own similar wounds, and then giving answers as actions that we think can solve our joint wound dynamics; compassion is enmeshed via sympathy. Sympathy is projecting our wounds onto others to save and solve them outside-in, rather than healing our own wounds from the inside-out, and approaching others clear of our woundings to allow them the safe space to work through them. Empathy however is the ability to be wound free in our interactions with others, and rather than giving solutions and answers, it asks the questions necessary to pull in the answers through the individual in need of compassion, allowing them to gain insights from the inside-out, rather than help from the outside-in.

Enjoy the read! ❤

Deus Nexus


ByDavid Nova|Deus Nexus

In a previous post, I wrote about the Spiritual Balancing Act in the Higher Densities. I described the three spiritual principals (Truth, Compassion, and Free Will) that spiritually advanced beings in the higher realms observe and actively balance on the macro scale, in all matters concerning Earth and humanity, that prevent them from saving us from ourselves, advocating full disclosure, or abandoning us to the darkness.

Now I’d like to turn attention to the micro scale, and describe how these same three spiritual principals need to be actively balanced in the lower densities, both for individual and group consciousness.

Our world is out of balance in so many ways, and there are entities that take full advantage of this to keep us imprisoned.  Therefore it is up to each one of us to rebalance ourselves. And, once again, I would remind the reader that…

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