Columbus Day – Celebrating the Conquest of America

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The Pope and Vatican Connection, Brutality and Occult Ties of Christopher Columbus

Source:Stillness in the Storm | by Justin

Columbus DayColumbus Day is traditionally the second Monday of every October, a day of remembrance for the man who allegedly ‘discovered’ the Americas; but is this true?

One need not be a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist to recognize the historical evidence suggesting Leif Ericson; a Viking explorer most likely landed in Newfoundland half a millennia earlier. Not to mention the fact that Native Americans settled the area at least 10,000 years ago. Is it just an antiquated misnomer to say Columbus discovered the Americas, or is there a more insidious aspect of history the powers that be are secretly celebrating? The following compilation of articles seeks to answer this question.

The Roman Catholic Church, centralized by Vatican Papal bulls creating an Express Trust between the self appointed victor of god (the Pope) and all living beings…

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