Media Campaign Suggests America Taken Over By Nazis

As David already pointed out in this article, it looks like they made the TV show for the marketing campaign, rather than the marketing campaign for the TV show.

Deus Nexus


deusnexus_100In light of what we know about the elite’s use of symbolism, we have to seriously ask if an eye-catching viral ad campaign is perhaps more than an ad campaign. Case in point: the oversaturated marketing campaign for Amazon’s new streaming television series The Man in the High Castle, an alternative history (reviewers are calling science fiction) where America lost WW II and the Nazis have taken over the Land of the Free.

You can’t miss the embedded ads on the internet. And apparently your browser isn’t the only thing that has been taken over by Nazis. The New York subway system has been taken hostage in a big way. Though the ad firm in question has tastefully avoided plastering swastikas all over the Big Apple (only marginally) the effect is still quite jaw dropping and disturbing for those who are even partially awake.

This certainly isn’t the first big media event to…

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