“Childhood’s End” as Luciferian NWO Propaganda (Part 1)

Extremely insightful and well written, we highly recommend reading it…

Deus Nexus


SyFy Channel’s controversial miniseries doesn’t even scratch the surface of the New World Order propaganda embedded in this celebrated science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke.

By:David Nova| from Deus Nexus

First a confession: Childhood’s End was one of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy novels as a teenager, along with Dune, The Lord of the Rings, and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I read it in high school, then again in college. So I was looking forward to SyFy Channel’s miniseries adaption of the novel with guarded excitement, perhaps more so than the new Star Wars movie. Currently, you can watch the miniseries online at syfy.com. However, I recommend reading the book instead.

childhoodsend-1stEDAfter watching the miniseries, I found the embedded messages to be blunt and simplified – there is the standard illuminati eye-in-the-pyramid symbol, which to my recollection wasn’t a feature in the novel (however some…

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