Finding the Soul in the Eye of The Mind’s Hurricane

Deus Nexus

ByDavid Nova| FromDeus Nexus


We often find in nature some wonderful metaphors to ponder that may help answer some of our questions about the Universe and the nature of the soul.

Today I was reminded that when life feels like a hurricane, we can always find the calm peaceful presence of our own divine soul in the eye of the storm.

When the world around us seems to becomes chaotic, akin to a tropical storm beating at our door, we can always seek refuge in this place of calmness within.

When we stray too far from our own spiritual presence, venturing into the outside drama, we can get ripped from this calmness, thrust back into the spiraling currents of the storm, and thrown into old mental and emotional patterns. Then we find ourselves fighting to pull ourselves back to the peace we misplaced. But it is always there.

Most of the time, the spiraling chaotic currents of…

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