“Childhood’s End” and the Harvest of Children (Part 3)

“Ultimately, yes, we are all aspects and fractals of a singular Source consciousness. However, we are not unconscious cells within a larger body. We are not helpless drops of water. We are holographic beings, reflecting the image of the Creator. Each soul is a whole and unique spark of consciousness, and we have been given the gift to become self aware of this, to activate our soul through love.” ~David Nova

Deus Nexus


While the SyFy Channel’s miniseries borrows a horror cliche of demonic super-children, the novel tackles larger esoteric subjects like cosmic evolution and the harvest of a group soul.

By: David Nova | from Deus Nexus

In Part One, I examined elements of New World Order propaganda embedded in Arthur C. Clarke’s 1953 science fiction novel, Childhood’s End, and revealed the Luciferian aspect of the story.

In Part Two, I explored the middle of the book (the second night of the miniseries) which dives into the occult or more esoteric aspects of the story, and explore how the miniseries differed in presenting its message.

In Part Three, I take a look at the last part of the book (the third night of the miniseries) which deals with the harvest of the children, whether it represents a spiritual ascension or something more sinister.

 A New Age – The End of Childhood


Something is happening on planet Earth and to the human consciousness incarnated on planet…

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