Putin and the Worship of Authority

Deus Nexus

Source:Wake Up World | by Tim McClew, Guest Writer

PutinFor countless eons, humanity has been enslaved by a dualistic virus embedded into their collective consciousness — a virus that ‘shows up’ in a myriad number of ways through the actions and beliefs of societies and cultures down through the ages. Among the most fundamental of these ‘symptoms’ is the separation of one individual or group from another — the noble “Us” versus the dreaded “Other”.

While religion has been the prominent exponent of this calamitous condition, the more recent appearance of religion’s right hand man, governmental authority, has deepened the divisions that drive the continued existence of psychopatholocal programming within the human psyche. It also leads well-meaning people to make such dead-end decisions as ‘choosing the lesser of two evils’ — in the process, displaying the critical thinking traits of a long-term prison inmate.

The following pieces examine recent examples…

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