Psychopaths in Power – The Elephant in the Living Room

With one noticeable exception, this is a really well researched article that’s worth reading. It is of the utmost importance that emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and spirituality are merged within each of our lives, as we are more capable of seeing the big picture. So many spiritual people are either emotionally infantile, or lacking the ability to think critically, which causes them to seek out solutions that don’t address the core causes of our ills, but seeks to treat the symptoms instead.

Piercing the Veil of Reality

There is one topic that stands like the proverbial elephant in our collective living room, still unacknowledged, ignored or misunderstood by many people. It’s the underlying issue for our society and world’s problems. This is the topic of Psychopathy, especially Psychopaths in places of power and how it affects our world and society at large. More and more research and studies have been published that prove the existence of this intra-species predator, yet it still  is being avoided and not sincerely studied and looked at by many well-meaning people who work actively trying to make this world a better place. They focus on the symptoms, but not the underlying causes.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a talk in Topanga Canyon by Marianne Williamson who is running for congress. I was reluctant to go, knowing about the futility to change the political system through the system. I’ve written about it…

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