The X-Files Disclosure, Part 2: The Depopulation Agenda

You’ve made some interesting points about the comparisons, and brought up a question that Aline and I were also asking, which is “why are they externalizing the hierarchy, and making these plans known?” Through our own process work, we found a pattern that might be at the root of this and explain “why” they are doing this, and it has to do with the simple childhood exercise we all do early in school. The exercise has us look at four boxes, where three have something similar, and one has something that does not fit in, and we have to decide which one is out of place; this exercise, and many others like it, train our thought patterns to look for the discrepancies in life, rather than the connections. What might happen to our lives if our thought patterns had been trained since childhood to look at the three things that were similar? We’d be more creative, self-sustaining, connected, positive, and expansive, but as it is, we ‘re now less creative, more consumptive, disconnected, negative, and entropic. Externalizing the Illuminati is just another layer for the people to look for the box that doesn’t fit, which keeps us in our narrow perceptive patterns unable to create new worlds that surpass this one.

Maybe this pattern and conditioning is within most STS species, and is reinforced in order to keep us in these entropic patterns of relating to each other, where we keep finding the differences instead of the similarities.  We thought about the implications about shadow work, and how it is necessary to observe and find our fragmented aspects of Self that we’ve disowned, suppressed, and repressed, and how looking for them is supposedly connected to finding the one box that doesn’t fit in with the other three. This perspective, where we are stuck looking at the negative and what doesn’t fit, may or may not be necessary to doing shadow work, or maybe shadow work becomes a necessity because of this pattern, and is the only way to get out of it?  Maybe this pattern is what fragments us more in the first place, and emotional process (shadow) work has become our only path to escape, and into looking for the connected and positive again?

As for the other episodes, especially 3-5, they were much more esoteric and we really enjoyed their underlying messages; although we could have done without the blood and gore that accompanied them. Episodes 1 and 6 were definitely more overtly exoteric and conspiracy oriented, which there is definitely a place for, but even so, we need to reverse our pattern of looking for the dissimilar and find the similar, which will fuel our self-sustaining growth and expansion.

Deus Nexus

By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

x-files-logoAfter five weeks, The X-Files television series returned with another ground-breaking episode.  Yet is this disclosure, predictive-programming, indoctrination, or an urgent warning?

“My Struggle II” returns to the continuity of the first episode, which I examined in the post The X-Files Disclosure of 2016!

Both episodes, the first and last of season 10, were written and directed by series creator Chris Carter. The 4 episodes in between now feel like filler, the show’s standard formula on autopilot with a few interesting footnotes, an unusual amount of humor, and an extra dose of character irony.

However, Episode 6 returned with ‘deadly’ seriousness.

The episode began with Special Agent Dana Scully delivering the opening prologue instead of Fox Mulder. As this episode dealt exclusively with a medical conspiracy, it is essentially Dana Scully/Gillian Anderson’s episode.

“… I would also come to fear that the institution I joined and invested with my trust,

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