Season of the Serpent | Official Book Trailer

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The Garden of Eden story is reimagined in this smart and satirical, contemporary fantasy, a metaphysical thriller set in the last days of the Cold War.

“Season of the Serpent” is a thought provoking, multi-layered mix of history, mythology, science fiction, and Synchronicity.



A Meditation on Personal Creativity

ByDavid Nova|

What is the purpose of a book trailer?

The very concept often suffers the pangs of an existential crisis. Can the video medium adequately represent the intimacy of reading a novel? Does it stifle the reader’s imagination or devalue the written word?  Is it an expression of the writer’s creativity or a hastily-crafted marketing tool? Can a book trailer ever hope to compete against the multi-million dollar budget of a movie trailer – a David vs. Goliath matchup for public attention? No one has adequately answered the debate, and many authors and publishers seem to approach…

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