A Discussion on Discernment Concerning Kent Dunn’s Insider Updates

Deus Nexus

deusnexus_100The following post is the fruit of an email exchange between myself and Justin Deschamps, of Stillness in the Storm. Justin posted an article about discernment concerning Kent Dunn’s astonishing insider claims, encouraging an open discussion on the topic, so I sent him some of my thoughts on the matter.

I can neither confirm nor dispute Mr. Dunn’s claims, I can only raise interesting, unanswered questions about them.

Benjamin Fulford has parroted the same insider claims in a recent post, which means he either shares the same source or Kent Dunn is his source. Long-term readers know that I do not place much credibility in Fulford’s claims.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we have all been indoctrinated to unconditionally accept the voice of authority and the concept of ‘classified information’ and ‘national security.’ This carries over to the Alternative Community, who often except without question inside intelligence sources who reveal information without any sort of substantiation…

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